Which nutrition type am I? Do I enjoy international or rather traditional, local cuisine? Am I a vegetarian or do I prefer a hearty meal? Are animal welfare and protecting the environment important to me?

Herzlich Willkommen in der Mensa Westerberg: Stellvertretender Küchenchef Roman Beller erinnert daran, für den Besuch den Mund- und Nasenschutz nicht zu vergessen.

Die drei Menülinien führen auf kulinarisch neue Wege.

Geschäftsführer Stefan Kobilke und das Team der Hochschulgastronomie bei einer Verkostung neuer Rezepte.

Osnabrück Student Services’ kitchen teams have introduced new menus to cater for three nutrition types. "We have new dishes on the menus with which we want to serve the needs and preferences of our guests," says Theo Thöle. "Aspects such as climate friendliness, nutrient optimization, enjoyment, culinary trends, a vegan diet and environmental protection have been taken into consideration," adds the head of university catering.

MENSA GLOBAL - plant-based & planet-friendly

The MENSA GLOBAL dishes are inspired by international cuisine and include Mediterranean, Levantine and Far Eastern influences. The menu is completely vegan.

Examples from the MENSA GLOBAL menu include falafel, chili, curry and baked potato dishes.

MENSA ACTIVE - vitalizing & balanced

The MENSA ACTIVE dishes are made with healthy and nutrient-rich ingredients: complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. 

The MENSA ACTIVE menu includes various bowls, which are either vegetarian or served with meat and fish.

MENSA CLASSIC - homestyle & hearty

The MENSA CLASSIC menu includes all the traditional favourites and regional specialities – prepared with ingredients from the region.

The MENSA CLASSIC menu includes dishes such as burgers, schnitzels, stews and pasta dishes.

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