Applying for admission to a student residence hall

Are you looking for accomodation in one of our student residence halls?

To receive all the necessary documents

  • request them online  In this case we kindly ask you submit the necessary enclosures (10€ admin charge and registration certificate) via transfer or by mail as soon as possible.

Please note the following Points

  • You can submit your application without a valid university registration for the time being, and hand in your registration upon receipt.
  • The required charge of €10 has to be transferred to the following account: Studentenwerk Osnabrück, account no. 22210, Sparkasse Osnabrück, sorting code: 265 501 05, IBAN: DE 97265501050000022210 and BIC: NOLADE22XXX within 7 days or paid cash as soon as possible.
  • Please note that only those applications which are filled in completely and which have all the necessary enclosures will be processed! 
  • Please inform us about any changes concerning your current contact data tio make sure you receive important information without delay!

And now?

The Studentenwerk Osnabrück makes every effort to offer you an available room in a student residence hall of your choice and we attempt to reply in a timely manner. If you have any questions, please call the official in charge.

Important: renewing your request

It is possible that there are
no suitable vacancies in the residence halls for the time you have requested. In this case, your application will remain on the waiting list for one additional months. In order to keep your application valid, please contact us if you are still interested in one of our accommodations after this period of time.


Information Sheet on Data Protection
Data protection information concerning the processing of personal data in connection with the management of residential complexes for residents and applicants to such complexes. By providing the following information, we wish to give you an overview of how your personal data is processed by our Department of Student Housing and of your rights arising from legislation on data protection.


Further Tips:
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