"Alte Fabrik", Jahnplatz 6, 49080 Osnabrück

"Alte Fabrik", Jahnplatz

Award Winning Renovation:  although located in the city center, it is a world of its own: This renovated old gas meter factory is just a few hundred meters away from the castle and the hustle and bustle of the city center. It has received multiple awards and offers the comfort of a modern residence, including numerous common rooms, e.g. a table tennis room. The luxuriant green of the inner courtyards provides a special appeal for its inhabitants.

Location: City Center, 700 meters to the castle and right next to the sport center of the university.

Distances: University/Castle: 700 m, HS/Westerberg 1.8 km, HS Haste 4.4 km.

Number of Places: 291.

Types of Accommodation: Single rooms with shared facilities, shared flats for two people, apartments for students with children, and apartments for students with disabilities

Equipment: Basic furnishing, built-in kitchen shared by four to ten people, shower, toilet, and cable TV.

Size: Single rooms: approx. 12 - 19 m², double rooms: approx. 34 - 57 m², apartment: approx. 63 - 70 m².

Basic Rent: approx. € 101.00 to  € 115.00 for single rooms, approx.
€ 197.00 - €219.00 for double apartments, approx. € 256.00 - € 264.00 for apartments
Total rent: approx. € 187.00 – € 212.00 total rent for single rooms, approx.
€ 367.00 – € 417.00 total rent for double apartments, approx.
€ 474.00 – € 489.00 total rent for apartments

Communal Areas: Day rooms, small communal kitchen, TV-, table tennis-, and craft room, playgrounds, washing machines, dryers.

Special Features: Summer party, cultural breakfast, wine tastings, exhibitions, converted gas meter factory, winner of the local and national competition: “building and living in old surroundings” 1983.



Contact in the Department of Student Housing: 
Renke Quedens
Phone: 0541 33107-26
Email: renke.quedens@sw-os.de

Local Contact Person:
Wilfried Mollenhauer

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