Blumenmorgen 10 A-J, 49090 Osnabrück

Old and New in Harmony: This residence hall was finished in 1992 and is in close proximity to all university buildings in Haste. The building complex offers modern living in single-story semi-detached houses.

Location: District of Haste, in close proximity to all university buildings in Haste. It offers excellent bus connections to the city centre.

Distances: To the University/Castle: 4.4 km, to the HS-Westerberg: 4.9 km, to the HS-Haste: 0.3 km.

Number of Places: 57.

Types of Accommodation: Modern semi-detached houses, single rooms in shared flats for six people. One detached building offers living space for nine people.

Equipment: Unfurnished, built-in kitchen, two sanitary facilities, storage room, small terrace. The detached building has two kitchen areas, two sanitary facilities, two guest toilets, a small terrace, and cable TV.

Size: Approx. 15 – 19 m².

Basic Rent: approx. € 159.00 – € 166.00.
Total rent: approx. € 198.00 – € 205.00.

Special Features: All households are responsible for their own electricity, water and heating bills.

Contact in the Department of Student Housing: 
Sina Baumann
Phone:+49(0) 541 33107-30

Local Contact Person: 
Christoph Schapher

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Energy Pass in process

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