"Dodesheide", Mecklenburger Straße 2-6, 49088 Osnabrück

Dodesheide, Mecklenburger Straße 2-6

Classical Residence Halls with a Long Tradition: the three houses have been completely renovated and now offer all modern conveniences. Each of them has two floors and is located in the thriving outskirts of the city. Nevertheless, you can easily reach both the city center and the university buildings in Haste.

Location: District Dodesheide.

To the University/Castle: 5.7 km, to the HS-Westerberg: 6 km, to the HS-Haste: 3.3 km.

Number of Places: 206.

Types of Accommodation: Single rooms with ensuite washing facilities. Development of big corridor communities due to the sharing of kitchen and bathroom.

Equipment: basic furnishing in all rooms, kitchen and bathroom shared by several people, shared showers and toilets, and cable TV.

Size: Approx. 11 m².

Total Rent:approx. € 171.00

Communal Areas:
Laundry room, dryers, TV room, table tennis room, and the bar "Nachtasyl".

Special Features: Each room has its own internet access. The network belongs to the establishment and enables the inhabitant to use the internet in a comfortable way and at a low price.

Contact in the Department of Student Housing:
Renke Quedens
Phone: 0541 33107-26
Email: renke.quedens@sw-os.de

Local Contact Person:
Uwe Figenser

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