"Haus auf der Stadtmauer", Natruper Straße 7A, 49076 Osnabrück

Haus auf der Stadtmauer, Natruper Straße 7A

Germany’s Smallest Student Residence Hall! The award-winning half-timbered turret is part of the medieval fortification. It offers one person three floors of a unique lifestyle.

Location: Within walking distance to the Old Town, and ten minutes to the Botanical Gardens.

To the University/Castle: 1.2 km, to the HS-Westerberg: 1.7 km, to the HS-Haste: 1.5 km.

Number of Places: 1.

Types of Accommodations: Top floor with built-in kitchen and living area, sleeping area on the ground floor and a shower room in the basement.

Equipment: Fully furnished.

Size: Approx. 19 m².

Basic Rent: approx. €190.00
Total Rent: approx. € 239.00

Special Features: The half-timbered turret offers 19m² of living space over three floors. The tenant is responsible for his/her own electricity, heating and water bills.

Contact in the Department of Student Housing:
Britta Ostrowski
Phone: 0541 33107-30
Email: britta.ostrowski@sw-os.de

Local Contact Person:
Christoph Schapher

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