Lüstringer Straße 1, 1A

Lüstringer Straße 1, 1A

Art Nouveau and Winter Garden: This building at the Lüstringer Straße has become exemplary for its mergeance of an old Art Nouveau building and a modern style house. It forms a harmonic unit and provides its inhabitants with large, well-lit apartments, including winter gardens. Although it is located in a quiet environment, it is nevertheless close to the city center.

Location: District of Schinkel, quiet residential street

Distances: To the University/Castle: 1.8 km, to the HS-Westerberg: 4 km, to the HS-Haste: 4.8 km.

Number of Places: 24 rooms in the old part of the building, and 24 rooms in the new part.

Types of Accommodations: In the old part: Single rooms in shared apartments for three to four people.
In the new part: Single rooms in shared apartment for six people.

Old part: Unfurnished, kitchen with winter garden, shower room shared by three people.
In the new part: Unfurnished, built-in kitchen, two sanitary facilities for each shared apartment, Wi-Fi

In the old part: approx. 11 – 21 m²
In the new part: approx. 12 – 15 m²

Basic Rent: approx. € 111.00– € 184.00
Total Rent:   approx. € 168.00 – € 235.00

Communal Areas:
In the old part: bike storage room, and laundry room
In the new part: bike storage room, laundry room, and storage room.

Special Features: All households in the old part of the building are responsible for their own electricity, and heating bills. All households in the new part of the building are responsible for their own electricity bills. In the newpart of the building all costs are included.

Contact in the Department of Student Housing: 
Renke Quedens
Phone:+49(0) 541 33107-26


Local Contact Person:
Reinhard Meyer zu Allendorf

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