Vechta - Universitätsstraße 9

Vechta - Am Sonnenkamp, Universitätsstraße 9A und 9B

Short Walks: All university buildings of Vechta are in immediate vicinity. The city center can easily be reached by bike within ten minutes. The building has a manageable size, and its extensive lawns and courtyards are perfect for social gatherings and create a sense of community.

Location: In close proximity to the university buildings in Vechta, about ten minutes by bike to Vechta’s city center.

Number of Places:

Types of Accommodation:
single rooms in shared apartments for four to eight persons
apartments for students with children
double apartments
single apartments in the new building

Equipment: Built-in kitchen, shower shared by two persons in each shared apartment

single rooms: approx. 15 m²
double apartment: approx. 40 m²
apartment for students with children: approx. 74 m²
single apartment: approx. 28 m²

Basic Rent:
single rooms: approx. € 96.00;
double apartments: approx. € 184.00
apartments: approx. € 236.00

Total Rent: 
single rooms: approx. € 177.00;
double apartments: approx. € 339.00
apartments: approx. € 437.00
apartments in new building: approx. € 318.00

Communal Areas: bike sheds, laundry room in every house equipped with modern washing machines  and tumble dryers

Special Features: The new building has two wheelchair accessible single apartments on the ground floor. Free parking spaces on the premises.

Contact in the Department of Student Housing:
Britta Sürken
Phone:+49(0) 541 33107-28

Local Contact Person: 
Rainer Ostendorf

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General Terms of Lease
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