Ziegelstraße 21, 49074 Osnabrück

Ziegelstraße 21

Location: City area, ten minute walk away from both the university buildings at the castle and those in the city center, close to the Bürgerpark.

Distances: To the University/Castle: 1.5 km, to the HS-Westerberg: 3.7 km, to the HS-Haste: 4.4 km.

Number of Places: 23.

Types of Accommodation: In the main building, there are single rooms in three shared apartments; in the neighboring building, there are five single rooms.

Equipment: Unfurnished and partly furnished, kitchen and bathroom shared by three to four people, cable TV.

Size: approx. 11 – 37 m².

Basic Rent:
approx. € 147.00 – € 223.00
Total Rent:   approx. € 241.00 – € 317.00

Special Features: In the main building, there is a shared apartment with seven furnished single rooms. Four of those are reserved for exchange students. In the adjoining building, there are five furnished single rooms, three of them are reserved for exchange students.

Contact in the Department of Student Housing: 
Britta Ostrowski
Phone: 0541 33107-30
Email: britta.ostrowski@sw-os.de

Local Contact Person:
Christoph Schapher

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