Students with children are often faced with situations that make it difficult to successfully continue their university education. In Osnabrück, you are not left alone with your special needs: The Studentenwerk considers the support of young families one of its most important duties. Accordingly, we have created child-appropriate living quarters, the canteens serve child-friendly meals, and diaper changing tables and play areas are provided. In addition, there is a baby lounge for nursing mothers.

We also offer services that can assist you with issues ranging from how to finance your university education to providing psychological or social counseling.

The Studentenwerk provides rooms for several daycare centers. In particular, we offer childcare in the crèche and kindergarten of the CampusKita.

For more information about the respective daycare centers, please contact them directly.


Jahnstraße 79
49080 Osnabrück
map: building SW 04
Tel.: 0541 7602988-11
Fax: 0541 7602988-88


KiTa "Die kleinen Strolche"
c/o Elternverein UNI-KITA e.V.
Sedanstraße 2A
49076 Osnabrück
map: building SW 02
Tel.: 0541 60903-60
Fax: 0541 60903-62


KiTa "Kindervilla"
c/o Elternverein Kindervilla e. V.
Katharinenstraße 6
49074 Osnabrück
map: building SW 01
Tel.: 0541 58049400, Office hours: upon request
Fax: 0541 58049399


Tagespflegenest „Spatzennest“
Drivertstraße 37,
49377 Vechta
Tel.: 04441 8878822


Additional information is available on the website shared by the university, the Hochschule, the Studentenwerk and the City of Osnabrück