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The CampusKita

The house, built in 2011/2012 offers plenty of room inviting children for physical activity including an outdoor playground. In our room for physical education we offer special gymnastic equipment: The hand crafted wooden Hengstenberg-material and special wooden equipment (climbing landscape) for climbing in two of our rooms with integrated music instruments. See our brochure for pictures and further information (brochure only in German).

We focus on the development of kids through the combination of physical and musical education.

The CampusKita benefits from a cooperation agreement with the university institute nifbe (Lower Saxon institute for early childhood education and development


Our team includes 19 well educated kindergarten teachers fully committed to the children´s wellbeing. Some teachers have additional training, for example for the development of children´s motoric and musical skills. .

The Principle is supported through a staff member for office administration once a week.

We have our own chef and three housekeepers.


2 groups with 15 places each, for children aging 2 month to 3 years
2 groups with 25 places each, for children aging 3 to 6 years

Opening hours

7.00-7.30/7.30-8.00 (additional early opening service depending on requirements)
8.00-16.00 (we only offer full time places including lunch)
16.00-16.30/16.30-17.00 (additional late opening service depending on requirements)

Kindergarten Catering

Our chef prepares fresh lunch every day in our kitchen. In the afternoon we offer fruits. Drinks are supplied during the whole day.


178,20 € monthly according to the tariff of the Osnabrück City Council
9,90 € for each booked early or late service per half hour (monthly)
47,00 € for maintenance (monthly)


Please contact our Principle if you have any queries.
Tel: +49(0)541 7602988-11