CampusCard/UniCard - for quick, convenient payment



The CampusCard, introduced jointly by Osnabrück University, Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and Osnabrück Student Services, combines several functions required by students in just one card:
• Student ID card
• Library card
• Payment at dining halls and cafeterias
• Print and copy card
• Semester ticket for buses and  


The UniCard, introduced jointly by the University of Vechta and Osnabrück Student Services, has the following functions:
• Payment at dining halls and cafeterias
• Print and copy card 

Uploading credit

A total of 28 machines are available at several locations in Osnabrück, Lingen and Vechta for uploading credit onto your CampusCard/UniCard, enabling you to pay for food and drink at dining halls and cafeterias.

 Simply follow the instructions to upload credit onto your card at the machines, taking into account the following aspects:

      •  The maximum amount that can be uploaded is €75 per card.
      •  The minimum amount that can be uploaded is €5 or €10, depending on the machine.
      •  The cash machines for uploading credit accept €5, €10, €20 and €50 notes.
      •  Cash machines for uploading credit are unable to give out change or to pay out cash.
      •  The electronic purse is uploaded without charge to the user



Once you have uploaded credit onto your CampusCard/UniCard, select your food and drink from the dining hall or cafeteria as usual and proceed to the till. Please make sure that you always have sufficient funds on your CampusCard. Combined cash/card payments are not possible.
A card reader is available at every till in the dining halls and cafeterias, enabling you to pay for your food. Simply place your card on the reader. The amount of credit available on the card is displayed on the reader. Once you have paid for your food and drink, the amount remaining will be displayed.
You can use any of the readers at any time to check how much credit you have left on your card.


How to obtain a CampusCard ?

Students and employees are given a CampusCard/UniCard by their respective Institution. 

Osnabrück University:

Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences:

University of Vechta:


Questions or problems?

You can find the contact details of the responsible institution as well as frequently asked questions  here.