Tutors for Foreign Students

die Wohnheimturorinnen des Studentenwerks Osnabrück

In the student residence halls of the Studentenwerk Osnabrück (Student Services) German students as well as international students live together under the same roof. The greatest challenge for first-year students is to take up their studies at the university while settling in an unfamiliar environment. It is even harder to get used to this new life if you are an international student. This is why there are five students who work as tutors in the dormitories of the Studentenwerk. They are well-informed contacts who are there to help their international fellow students with all imaginable problems and to support them.

The tutors have a great variety of tasks. Among other services, they offer assistance with the following:

- Setting up of contacts
- Living within a flat share
- Free-time activities
- Financing your studies
- Residence permit
- Employment permit
- Acting against discrimination
- BAföG (financial aid)
- Language problems
- Health insurance

The Studentenwerk Osnabrück and the Akademische Auslandsamt (International Office) of the Osnabrück University and of the Hochschule Osnabrück (technical college) support the tutors. The tutors are able to speak many different languages (see below) and are always there for their fellow students – even outside of their regular office hours.

Emir Barcic
Mecklenburger Straße 6
Room 119
49088 Osnabrück
mobile: 0160 8306048
languages: English, Turkish, Serbian/Croatian, Bosnian, German
responsible for: Dodesheide, Salzmarkt, Bauernhof Luhrmann

Maximilian von Brill
Wiesenstraße 12
49074 Osnabrück
mobile: 0172 6920196
languages: German, English, Spanish
responsible for: Wiesenstraße, Hammersen, Leggeweg, Kommenderiestraße

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Lara Flörkemeier
Jahnplatz 6
49080 Osnabrück
mobile: 0157 39107119
languages: German, English
responsible for: Jahnplatz, Jahnstraße, Kamp, Lüstringer Straße

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Wenrui Feng
Sedanstraße 6
Haus 6
49076 Osnabrück
mobile: 0152 52092962
languages: German, Chinese, English
responsible for: Sedanstraße

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Laurianne Peter
Ziegelstraße 21
49076 Osnabrück
mobile: 0176 58643007
languages: French, German, English, Italien
lesponsible for: Sedanstraße

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