Dining halls & cafeterias

Take a break from studying. Eat good, healthy and inexpensive food at the dining halls and cafeterias run by Osnabrück Student Services.

Exterior view of the Mensa Schlossgarten


Dining hall, snack bar, cafeteria and café lounge – dine like a king in the castle gardens.

Exterior view of the dinig hall Caprivi


Bistro and cafeteria – take lunch in the warm setting of historic barracks.

Exterior view of the dining hall Westerberg


Dining hall and café lounge – modern, but equally inviting.

Exterior view of the dining hall Haste


Dining hall and cafeteria – set in idyllic greenery.


Dining hall and cafeteria – a place of indulgence at the Lingen site.


Dining hall and bistro – relish the days from one Stoppelmarkt to the next.