About us

Whether day nurseries, student financing or crisis counselling, student flats or refectories and cafeterias: We take care of the social, economic and cultural needs of students in Osnabrück, Vechta and Lingen.

The universities and colleges stand for education, we are the complementary part - responsible for the social welfare of around 32,000 students at the three locations.

Like all 57 Student Services, we are a public institution. Our statutory tasks are set out in Lower Saxony's Higher Education Act (NHG): to support and advise students and - as core tasks - to make their everyday lives easier by operating residential complexes, refectories and childcare facilities.

That's how we do it:


Osnabrück Student Services is responsible for almost 32,000 students. 4,000 more than four years ago. A new record as well as a great challenge.

We employ around 300 people for this purpose. The vast majority - around 200 men and women - work in the refectories and cafeterias.

More than half of Osnabrück Student Services' expenditure is financed from rental income and the sales made in the dining halls and cafeterias. The remaining funds come from the state of Lower Saxony and from the students via the semester fees.


We have around 300 men and women working full- and part-time in various professions. We support young academics in western Lower Saxony with our services. Whether caretaker, cook, educator, psychologist or administrative employee - only few companies can offer so many different professions.

As an employer, we bear responsibility for a positive working environment. Fair, collectively agreed pay and a good work-life balance are important to us. We offer attractive additional benefits and varied tasks.


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