... you can not only rely on research and teaching. It is also helpful to be provided with good social conditions, a pleasant environment and a good infrastructure.

The Studentenwerk Osnabrück offers all these services throughout your studies. The Studentenwerk is an independent public institution and as such it promotes the students, about 32.000, in Osnabrück, Vechta and Lingen in economic, social and cultural areas. Thus, it creates social conditions for successful studies.

The Studentenwerk works in many different domains concerning your life as a student. In addition to consultations about student financing (BAföG, education credit), its main focus lies on providing students with high-quality food in canteens and cafeterias, as well as offering services regarding reasonable priced accommodation in close proximity to the university. Furthermore, the Studentenwerk runs a psychosocial counseling center. Beyond that it offers specific services for students with children. The initiation of two day-nurseries, the support of the Spatzennest in Vechta and particularly the CampusKita, which is run by the Studentenwerk, belong to this working area as well. Moreover, the Studentenwerk provides students with loans if they are in financial difficulties.

One of the Studentenwerk’s special commitments is to support students who are active in cultural life and committed to cultural affairs. Students from different faculties and nations get to know each other and use cultural programs as effective means to promote the integration of foreign students. At the same time, these cultural programs offer possibilities to communicate and to encounter different ways of life, as well as opportunities to practice interpersonal competences.

There is a variety of cultural proposals which predominantly take place in cooperation with different partners: for example exhibitions of art students in the gallery, student radio program, tabletop soccer tournaments and events planned for and planned by international guests, as well as student bars which offer a cultural programs such as readings, cabaret and live-music.