Caprivi Bistro

What were once dark barracks are now sunlit areas. This is particularly the case for the Caprivi Bistro in the former tank repair shop.

The offer is diverse. The focus is on filled baguettes and refined sandwiches, from hearty to vegetarian to vegan. There are also yogurt and quark with various toppings.


That's what we offer today:

Special facilities

CampusCard: Two machines for topping up CampusCards are available in the Bistro.

Facilities for kids: Facilities include nappy-changing facilities, child-friendly chairs and a kids’ corner, as well as quiet zones for breastfeeding.

Wheelchair-accessible: A machine for topping up CampusCards is wheelchair-accessible. Wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities are available on the ground floor.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 3.00 pm

Please note our alternative opening hours.


Caprivistraße 30a
49076 Osnabrück