Westerberg Dining Hall

Westerberg Dining Hall is an absolute highlight – modern, spacious and nicely furnished. State-of-the-art kitchen equipment ensures that food is served promptly. Long queues for food? Not here!

Café Lounge

The Café Lounge on the ground floor offers a wide selection of coffee specialities and cold drinks as well as an extensive range of snacks, rolls, baguettes, muffins and cakes.

Servicebar in the Ice Café Caramella

Ice Café Caramella

Fancy an ice cream, iced coffee or a freshly made waffle, whether it’s summer or winter? Then why not try out the Ice Café Caramella. You’ll be surprised.


That's what we offer today:

Special facilities

CampusCard: Four machines for topping up CampusCards are available in the dining hall foyer.

Facilities for kids: Facilities include nappy-changing facilities, child-friendly chairs and a kids’ corner, as well as quiet zones for breastfeeding.

Wheelchair-accessible: The Café Lounge is wheelchair-accessible via the dining hall foyer. Wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities are available. A tactile system provides orientation for the visually impaired. A wheelchair-accessible machine is available for topping up CampusCards.

Opening hours

Dining Hall: Monday to Friday 11.30 am – 2.15 pm
Café Lounge: Monday to Friday Closed
Ice Café Caramella Monday to Friday Closed

Please note our alternative opening hours.


Barbarastraße 20
49076 Osnabrück