Day nurseries operated by other organisations

Besides the CampusKita Day Nursery, Osnabrück Student Services supports three other daycare facilities for children: the Die kleinen Strolche, the Kindervilla in Osnabrück and the Spatzennest in Vechta.

Die kleinen Strolche

in Osnabrück

The Die kleinen Strolche Day Nursery was established in 1996. The nursery, located at Sedanstraße 2a in a building owned by Osnabrück Student Services, is run by the “UNI-KITA e.V.” parents’ association.


in Osnabrück

The KINDERVILLA is a parent initiative that was established in 2008 and continues to be run by parents to this day. Osnabrück Student Services cooperates closely with this parent initiative, e.g. by providing space for the day nursery at Katharinenstraße 6.


in Vechta

The SPATZENNEST is a micro nursery that gives mums and dads studying in Vechta the opportunity to have their children cared for. The SPATZENNEST receives support from Osnabrück Student Services and the University of Vechta.