About our food

We, the teams at the dining halls and cafeterias run by Osnabrück Student Services, place high demands on ourselves: besides wanting our guests to enjoy our food, we want them to eat healthily. Read on to find out how we achieve this.


More than 8000 meals are served in our dining halls each day, making us the biggest food provider in the region. We feel a great deal of responsibility towards our guests and the environment.

This is why we buy and use, wherever possible, organic products, seasonal products and food sold under the Fair Trade label. With conviction.

Bowls with freshly prepared food


Maybe you prefer salad rather than vegetables or potatoes instead of pasta. But definitely no meat. That’s easy: we have a rich variety of food available for you to create your own menu. You’ll no doubt find something to whet the appetite.

The ingredients of all dishes are listed carefully. An important guide for all allergy sufferers. And a sign of respect to all those who do not eat certain products for religious or moral reasons.

Hygiene and food safety

Cleanliness is a matter of course in our dining halls and cafeterias. This is confirmed year after year by the hygiene controls.