CampusKita Day Nursery

Young parents may also want to study. This is why the CampusKita Day Nursery offers 80 places near the university. While mums and/or dads concentrate hard on their studies, their children can play and learn at the nursery.

The CampusKita Day Nursery, built in 2011-12, is located close to the local universities, in Osnabrück’s popular “Wüste” neighbourhood.

Educational focus

Great importance is attached to learning through music and movement at the CampusKita Day Nursery. Moreover all areas of education set out in the Lower Saxony Education and Orientation Plan are covered.

The relationship to children is guided by attention, care and clear boundaries. Comprehensible structures and rules are established within which children can develop – freely yet safely.

Here, children can discover new things, build their self-confidence, and think and act for themselves. Each child’s strengths and abilities are embraced , fostering their individuality.

The children are involved in multiple projects in which they prepare themselves for the transition to school and life in general.


For many children, day one at the crèche or nursery will be the first time they are separated from their mums and dads. It’s therefore important that you take time to help your children get used to the initial phase. For more information, please refer to the Berlin Familiarisation Model, on which the CampusKita Day Nursery team bases its work.

Incidentally, successful familiarisation is an important prerequisite for transitions later on in life, such as from preschool to school.

A dream come true for kids

Kids’ dreams come true at the CampusKita Day Nursery. The colourful entrance hall itself encourages them to discover, explore and play. Next, there are two rooms set aside for music and movement activities; group rooms for concentrating quietly on project work; and dedicated sleeping rooms. It’s up to the children to decide for themselves if they want to explore the nursery, join in on a group activity, or retreat to a quiet place for a while. This freedom to choose promotes children’s personal and social skills.

Both crèche rooms are also unusual in that they have a climbing and crawling area where youngsters can develop their awareness, physical coordination and reflexes. These facilities also promote children’s personal and social skills.

The outdoor area of the CampusKita Day Nursery has two separate sections: a sandpit and grass play area for toddlers to enjoy, and a large meadow with a water pump, swings and a Bobby Car racetrack for bigger kids.

Meals at the Day Nursery

All food is prepared freshly each day, and much of it is organic, ensuring all children maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Fresh fruit is provided in the afternoon. Drinks are available throughout the day.

For breakfast, food is brought from home. It’s a nut-free nursery, which means that no food products containing nuts (e.g. breakfast muesli) may be brought into the building.


Cooperation with parents

Confidential cooperation with parents is the best possible supervision of the children. The CampusKita Day Nursery team therefore holds meetings with parents twice a year, as well as parent evenings.

The CampusKita Day Nursery team encourages the involvement of parents in the organisation of projects or celebrations.

Networking with other partners

Sharing experiences and learning from each other is one of the top priorities. This is why the CampusKita Day Nursery team works very closely with other institutions and experts.

The team works particularly intensively with the Lower Saxony Institute of Early Childhood Education and Development (nifbe).

Other partners include:

Applying for a place

Applications will be accepted from November for the next nursery year. Applications for mid-year admissions (e.g. if you’ve just moved to Osnabrück) can be made at any other time of the year.

Applications for nursery places can be made using Osnabrück’s online application process.

Information on childcare hours can also be found on the Osnabrück's online portal.


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