Die kleinen Strolche

in Osnabrück

The Die kleinen Strolche Day Nursery was established in 1996. The nursery, located at Sedanstraße 2a in a building owned by Osnabrück Student Services, is run by the “UNI-KITA e.V.” parents’ association.

Educational focus

Children’s individuality is promoted by arousing their interest and developing their creativity.

This is why music, acting, painting, yoga and movement play a major role at the DIE KLEINEN STROLCHE Day Nursery. Kids are encouraged to let their ideas flow in the creative area, the movement room or the construction corner. The team observes the children to identify their needs and foster their development.

There are also lots of projects for the kids to get involved in. This gives them the opportunity to reflect on their work, to admit their mistakes, and to learn from them. The DIE KLEINEN STROLCHE Day Nursery is a place of open dialogue, with an atmosphere conductive to collaborative learning.

Services we offer

The day nursery has two groups, for a total of 38 children between the ages of one and six. We only offer all-day places.

Since each group has children of all ages, younger kids are supported by their older counterparts. Later on, the younger kids will take on this supportive role. This gives children the opportunity to experience a sense of responsibility that not all families can offer.

The children play in their set groups, but meet in the garden twice a day, where they can interact with children and nursery teachers from the other group.

Kids from the age of four go swimming together once a month. Those of nursery school age visit the Heinrich-Schüren-Schule regularly to do gymnastics in the school gym.

In the year before starting school, children from both groups take part in the popular “school kid” project, which culminates in an overnight stay at the day nursery at the end of the nursery year.

Special staff and food

The team, led by Kerstin Falkenstein, includes eight nursery teachers and a housekeeper. The team enjoys the support of two young people who are doing a voluntary social year.

The housekeeper, Beate Reimann, is responsible for making lunch, which is usually a nutritious, vegetarian meal made with organic ingredients.

The team of the Kleine Strolche Day Nursery

Cooperation with parents

All parents are members of the UNI-KITA e.V. parents’ association, and support the team as their time allows. They take on the role of security guard or parent representative, for example, or help out with DIY or gardening activities.

Parent meetings are held regularly, providing a valuable opportunity for parents to discuss the development of their children with us. During these meetings, we see ourselves as partners in cooperation with the parents, rather than as know-it-alls.


The following criteria apply for admissions to the DIE KLEINEN STROLCHE Day Nursery (if the number of applications exceeds the number of places available). Priority is given to applications for

  • Children who already have a brother or sister at the day nursery
  • Children of Osnabrück University students or staff
  • Children of single parents

The Advisory Board, comprising the head of the day nursery, the Verein Board and parent representatives, may deviate from these criteria in exceptional cases.

Children usually start at the nursery on 1 August. Admissions at any other time of the year are only possible if a place becomes available due to a child moving away, for example.

Any questions?

How to reach us:

Die kleinen Strolche

Sedanstraße 2a
49076 Osnabrück

+49 541 6090360