Our student housing complexes

How much does a room cost?

The student residence overview contains information about the rent for each property.

Does it have internet access?

Yes. Either the room has an internet connection or internet costs are already included in the rent. Or else you can use a private connection with your fellow residents.

Where can I find out more about student housing complexes?

In the student residence overview or by calling +49 (0)541 33107 30.


Where can I apply for accommodation?

All applications are made online. Please remember to upload your certificate of enrolment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) and a photo of yourself together with your online application. An application fee is payable upon application. After applying for a place, you’ll be put on a waiting list.

When can I apply for a place?

Applications are possible at all times. It’s therefore advisable to apply as early as possible. Ideally, as soon as you know that you’ll be coming to Osnabrück, Vechta or Lingen to study! After all, there’s only a limited number of rooms available.

What are the waiting times?

We cannot say. Demand varies considerably, depending on the housing complex. However, we’ll offer you a tenancy agreement as soon as the room of your choice becomes available.


  • Do not just apply for one housing complex. It’s best to name two other alternatives.
  • Demand is greatest at the start of the winter semester.
  • The bigger the housing complex, the more likely it is that you’ll be offered a room there.

Can I change my application once I’ve submitted it?

Yes. You can bring forward or postpone the requested moving-in date. You can also opt for another housing complex.

How long will I remain on the waiting list?

You’ll remain on the waiting list for one month from your requested moving-in date. If you’re still interested in that housing complex, please let us know before the first four weeks are up. Otherwise we’ll assume that your application is no longer valid.

Why should I choose three housing complexes?

It will shorten your waiting time. If your first choice is not available, your alternative options will automatically be checked.

You can make three requests in your application. Ideally, in order of choice.

It’s generally the case that: the bigger the housing complex and the more options you state, the greater chance you’ll have of getting a room.

I’m looking for a room for the start of the winter semester. When should I apply?

If possible, by 1 September. This will increase your chances of getting a room. The demand for rooms is greatest on 1 October, when the winter semester starts.

Tenancy agreement

When can I move in?

Once we’ve received your signed tenancy agreement, we’ll return a countersigned copy to you by email, with important information about moving in.

I’m going abroad for one semester. Can my room be let out to somebody else during that time?

Yes. Simply terminate your tenancy agreement and nominate an interim tenant (who must be a student). We will then conclude a fixed-term tenancy agreement with this person. At the end of this fixed term, you’ll receive a subsequent tenancy agreement.

How can I terminate my tenancy agreement?

You must terminate your tenancy agreement in writing, with your signature, and make sure that Osnabrück Student Services receives it. There are several ways of doing this:

  • You can visit us in person during office hours, and complete the relevant form.
  • You can make use of our online termination form, and send it to us by email or fax.
  • You can send us a short, informal notice of termination by post, email or fax.

Terminations can normally be made with effect from 28 February or 31 August each year; notification must be given at least three months in advance of that date. See also Section III, Subsection 5 of the “General Terms of Tenancy”.

  • It’s also possible to terminate tenancy agreements at other times:
    • With a minimum term of notice of four weeks
    • In this case, we charge a €50 administration fee
    • If it is not possible to find a subsequent tenant, you bear the risk of having to continue to pay the rent (until the next date at which the option of termination may be exercised).


How can I find private accommodation?

Osnabrück Student Services also provides information about options on the open housing market, and names points of contact for house hunters. For more information, visit the Private Accommodation page.

Where can I find a place to stay for a while?

You can find a place to sleep for a few nights here:

Penthouse Backpackers
Address: Möserstraße 19
49074 Osnabrück
Phone: +49 541 6009606
Web: www.penthousebp.com 
Youth Hostel
Address: Iburger Straße 183A
49084 Osnabrück
Phone: +49 541 54284
Email: osnabrueck@jugendherberge.de
Web: www.jugendherberge.de 

Note: we recommend calling the Youth Hostel beforehand to reserve a bed. You will need to have a Youth Hostel membership card. This card, valid in 80 countries, costs €7 for under 27s and €22.50 for over 27s.

Ibis budget Osnabrück City
Address: Möserstraße 51
49074 Osnabrück
Phone: +49 541 120988-20
Fax: +49 541 120988-25
Web: www.ibis.com 

Am I eligible for “welcome money” in Osnabrück, Lingen or Vechta?

Those moving to Osnabrück do not get any welcome money.

Students enrolled at the university and registered in Vechta are given €100. Contact Vechta Family Office.

Students in Lingen receive €150. For more information, please contact the City of Lingen.

Any questions?

Has your question remained unanswered? We will be happy to help you personally: