Studying as a parent

Is it possible to study as a parent? Of course it is! But it’s not always easy. We offer support to mothers and fathers in higher education – providing a wide range of special services and concessions.

Day nurseries

The CampusKita Day Nursery, owned by Osnabrück Student Services, has 30 crèche and 50 nursery places located close to the local universities. Taking an innovative approach to childcare, involving spatial aspects, the day nursery truly follows the beat of a different drummer – focusing on music and movement activities.

Besides running its own nursery, Osnabrück Student Services also cooperates with three other day nurseries operated by other organisations.

Kids' corners and the baby.lounge at the Dining Hall

Osnabrück Student Services knows that nappy-changing facilities and kids’ corners make family lunches at the dining hall a much more relaxed experience, and it has set up all its dining halls accordingly.

Our baby.lounge at the Schlossgarten Dining Hall, heralded a “showpiece project” in the Financial Times, offers a quiet place for breastfeeding.

Under 11 years old?

Enjoy free meals!

Students’ children under the age of 11 are served free meals at dining halls operated by Osnabrück Student Services: a colourful, daily-changing kids’ dish.

Housing for students with children

We provide accommodation suitable for students with children in our housing complexes.

Individuell & vertraulich


Our counselling services cover a wide range of issues faced by parents who study – from information about financing your studies and childcare places to psychological counselling in individual sessions.

Parent/Child Café

Are you keen to share experiences with other parents or just chat for a while? Then why not try out the Parent/Child Café? You’re bound to meet other students there who have a lot in common with you.

Online information

Studying in Osnabrück as a parent

Together with Osnabrück’s universities and the City of Osnabrück, we operate a website dedicated to this topic:

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