Online Applications

Are you looking for accommodation in one of our housing complexes? Or have you already narrowed down your choice to a room in one of our properties? Then why not apply here? Simply complete the online form.

Notes on the application

  • Please upload your certificate of enrolment together with your online application. If this is not possible for unknown reasons, please mail your certificate of enrolment to:
  • Be sure to pay the €10 application fee within seven days! Cash payments and transfers are possible. Bank account details:
    Recipient: Studentenwerk Osnabrück
    IBAN: You will see information about the bank account after sending the application form.

You’re most likely to be allocated accommodation if you state in your application two alternative housing options in addition to your favourite choice. It’s also often the case that rooms become available at short notice during term.

Please note!

The application will only be processed if you tarnsfer your application fee in time. Please also remember to upload your certificate of enrolment or the university's admission letter when you apply online. One of these two documents is required for the final processing of your application.

What happens after applying?

  • We’ll put you on the waiting list for your chosen housing complex from your requested moving-in date.
  • If a room becomes available for the specified period, we’ll send you an email containing further information and a tenancy agreement for signing.
  • If no accommodation is available at that time, you’ll remain on the waiting list for four weeks.
  • If you’re still interested in finding accommodation with us, please let us know before the four weeks are up. Otherwise we’ll assume that your application is no longer valid.

Data protection

Our handling of your data and your rights

Data protection information concerning the processing of personal data in connection with the management of residential complexes for residents and applicants to such complexes. By providing the following information, we wish to give you an overview of how your personal data is processed by our Department of Student Housing and of your rights arising from legislation on data protection.