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The housing complexes operated by Osnabrück Student Services can accommodate more than 2,000 students. The options available include rooms in shared apartments, one-room and two-room apartments, and apartments for families. Why not check out the properties?

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Lingen, Wilhelm-Berning-Straße

Wilhelm-Berning-Straße 14 A und B
49809 Lingen

This small residential complex in Lingen was completed in 2018 and rent for the first time in January 2019. The apartments are spacious, bright and, thanks to its location close to the campus, ideal for students.

Distance to:

0.85 km Hochschule Lingen

The housing complex

The small housing complex consists of two apartments, each with a size of 80 sqm. It offers space for two flat-sharing communities of three students.

Accomodation for 6 residents

Single rooms


  • Unfurnished rooms
  • Fitted kitchens with oven
  • Shower room with WC
  • Convenient Internet, phone and TV

Size: 15 m2
Costs: 292,13 € gas, water and electricity included

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