Rooms for Students with Disabilities

All in all, the Studentenwerk Osnabrück (Student Services) offers 11 rooms within its dormitories which are suitable for students with disabilities:

In the student accommodation “Alte Fabrik”, there is one shared flat for four people which has wheelchair access, including bathroom and kitchen. Each room has a size of approx. 13 m² and is partly furnished. The residence fee is € 164.90, including heating. This dormitory is perfect for students of the University as well as the HS Westerberg (technical college).

In the student accommodation
“Caprivistraße”, which is close to the HS Westerberg, there are two shared apartments equipped for six inhabitants. Each apartment has one bathroom, one guest toilet, a kitchen and one single room suitable for wheelchairs. These rooms are unfurnished and have the size of approx. 18m². The residence fee is € 160.64 per month, plus electricity and heating.

In our student accommodation at the
“Salzmarkt”, we rent out two double apartments which are wheelchair accessible. One of them is rented out as a two room apartment with a bathroom and a kitchen with pantry at a price of € 360.26 plus electricity. The other one is a shared apartment for two people. Each of the two rooms has the size of approx. 15m² and costs € 179.62 or € 180.64 per month, plus electricity. This apartment also includes a bathroom and a kitchen with pantry. The student residence hall “Salzmarkt” is in proximity to the university.

If you need further information concerning these objects, please take a look at the details provided to each accommodation.