to Student Services Osnabrück (in German: “Studentenwerk Osnabrück”)!

The so-called “Studentenwerke” (Student Services) are public institutions in Germany that support Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (“Hochschulen”) by offering various non-academic services to students. We provide affordable food and accommodation, support students with children, provide financial aid, offer legal and social advice and promote cultural activities. In short: We take the headache out of practical aspects of student life, so that students can use their heads for their studies. 

Section "International Students"

The section "International Students" contains detailed information for foreign students and persons from abroad interested in studying in Osnabrück. The section offers advice on how to prepare for your studies in Osnabrück and on what you need to do directly upon arriving here. There is also a lot of useful information about life in the city and support services available to students for those who spend a semester or more here. Finally, you will find pointers on important aspects to take note of once you have ended your studies in Osnabrück.