to the Student Services Osnabrück (in German: “Studentenwerk Osnabrück”)!

In Germany, the public law institutions “Studentenwerke” offer services for students to support the Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (“Hochschulen”). It is our job to tend to students’ needs outside the Universities. According to these needs we provide food in canteens and cafeterias and assist students in finding accommodation in dormitories or on the private market. We support students with children, provide financial aid, offer legal and social advice and promote cultural activities of students as well. It is our task to make your student life easier, which is just what we want to do!

Section "International Students"

You will find a special section "International Students", containing detailed information of special interest for foreign students and persons from abroad interested in studying, on our homepage. In this section you will get information about everything you need to prepare your studies in Osnabrück and about what you must attend to directly after your arrival. Furthermore, there are useful details for your stay in Osnabrück (i.e. advice centres, financing, language, food, shopping, public transport, medical care, culture & recreation) and tips for the postgraduate period.